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Mitch Dowsett, PhD, FMedSci

Photo of Mitch Dowsett, PhD, FMedSci

Mitch Dowsett, PhD, FMedSci

Mitch Dowsett, PhD, FMedSci, is a clinical scientist who has over 540 papers listed on PubMed. He is Head of the Academic Department of Biochemistry and of the Centre for Molecular Pathology at the Royal Marsden Hospital. He is Professor of Biochemical Endocrinology at the Institute of Cancer Research and of Translational Research in the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Centre in London, UK.

His major research interests involve hormonal aspects of breast cancer and the application of biomarkers in clinical trials. He was a major player in the development of aromatase inhibitors, now the most widely used endocrine agent for postmenopausal breast cancer patients and chairs the Aromatase Inhibitor Overview Group that co-ordinates the collaborative assessment of the merged data from the international trials. He is a member of the ASCO/CAP Steering Committees for guidelines on both HER2 and steroid receptors and he co-chairs the International Working Group on Ki67 in Breast Cancer. He was the founding chairman of the National Cancer Research Institute’s Biomarker and Imaging Clinical Study Group.

Professor Dowsett is particularly interested in the evaluation of new and established agents in presurgical studies of breast cancer including being co-PI of the 4,450 patient POETIC trial, the largest study conducted to date. He sits on the Executive and/or Steering Committees of many international trials and served for 7 years on the Executive Committee of the Breast International Group (BIG).He has received the William L. McGuire Award and the Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction and has given multiple named lectures.