Board of Directors

Owen Hughes

Owen Hughes has served on our Board of Directors since April 2013 and as Chairman of our Board of Directors since March 2020. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Cullinan Oncology, LLC and an Executive Partner at MPM Capital since October 2017. Prior to joining Cullinan and MPM, Mr. Hughes served as the Chief Business Officer and Head of Corporate Development at Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, from February 2013 to September 2017. Prior to Intarcia, he served as a Director at Brookside Capital, a hedge fund under the Bain Capital umbrella, managing public and private healthcare investments from March 2008 to January 2013. Mr. Hughes has over 16 years of Wall Street experience on both the buy and sell-side, starting his career in investment banking and healthcare research. Mr. Hughes is a director of Translate Bio and Wren Therapeutics, and was previously a director of Malin PLC from 2012 to 2017. He earned a bachelor of arts from Dartmouth College. We believe Mr. Hughes is qualified to serve as a member of our Board of Directors because of his extensive business and professional experience, including his experience in the venture capital industry and years of analyzing development opportunities in the life sciences sector.