Radius is dedicated to supporting independent organizations with shared goals related to advancing medical care and improving patient outcomes.

Radius considers a variety of factors when making funding decisions. Consistent with our commitment and policy to conduct business ethically, Radius will only fund requests for activities or initiatives that are in compliance with all applicable local, regional, state and country codes/guidelines/laws.

Note: All funding requests/applications must be complete and received via email at least 60 days (ideally 90 days) prior to an activity. No requests will be considered for activities that have already occurred.

Learn more about funding opportunities below.

Radius will consider requests for funding:

Education Grants

Radius may provide Educational Grants to support bona fide educational activities directed to Healthcare Professionals that relate to therapeutic areas or disease states of interest to Radius.  Educational programs and activities may be conducted by qualified entities, e.g., institutions, professional or scientific organizations, or accredited Continuing Medical Education (“CME”) providers.

Medical Education Grants may not be provided to individuals, e.g., HCPs or patients.

  • Healthcare Professional Education
  • Qualified requestors of Educational Grants include, but are not limited to:
    • Healthcare Professional organizations
    • Medical societies
    • Universities, hospitals, health systems or academic medical enters
    • Disease related organizations
    • Medical Education companies

To request funding for an Educational Grant, download the application.

Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions allow Radius to support non-profit organizations that focus on areas such as community development, public and patient education, the arts, health and wellness, indigent care and assistance in the event of emergencies and natural disasters.

Charitable Contributions may only be provided to not-for-profit organizations exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c).

  • Community and Patient Education
  • Disease Awareness for Patients and the Community
  • Natural Disaster Assistance
  • Health and Wellness Community Services

To request funding for a Charitable Contribution, download the application.

Commercial Sponsorships, including Exhibits provided as a benefit of Sponsorships

Radius provides Sponsorship support to programming or activities that are in areas of therapeutic and disease awareness interest to Radius.  In exchange for Sponsorship of an event or program, Radius may be offered and accept tangible benefits from the requestor, such as the opportunity to advertise, exhibit or booth space, or admission to certain events or activities.

Examples of appropriate Sponsorships include:

  • Tier support (e.g., Gold, Silver) at a medical society meeting
  • Support for patient activities or programming by a Patient Advocacy group, including fundraising
  • Corporate membership in scientific, professional, community, or other similar organizations or groups.

Sponsorships may only be provided to not-for-profit organizations exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c).

To request funding for a Commercial Sponsorship, Exhibit or Display, download the application.