If you have been prescribed TYMLOS® (abaloparatide) but are unable to afford it, Radius Assist may be able to help.

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What is Radius Assist?

The Radius Assist Patient Assistance Program provides TYMLOS (abaloparatide) injection therapy at no cost to qualified patients in need.

To qualify, patients must meet the eligibility criteria and, along with your healthcare provider, submit all required documentation.

If you are accepted into the program, you may receive up to 3 months of medication at a time, for up to 12 months, with a valid prescription (subject to continued eligibility).

Who is Eligible for Radius Assist?

Eligibility criteria varies by the kind of coverage you have. To review eligibility criteria, please download an application below. If you meet the criteria on the application, you may be eligible for assistance.

Below are the gross annual income limits associated with Radius Assist in 2019. If your gross annual household income falls below these thresholds, you may be eligible for assistance. For more information, call 1-866-896-5674.

*Number of Persons in Household Continental United States Alaska Hawaii
1 $37,470 $46,800 $43,140
2 $50,730 $63,390 $58,380
3 $63,990 $79,980 $73,620
4 $77,250 $96,570 $88,860
5 $90,510 $113,160 $104,100
6 $103,770 $129,750 $119,340
7 $117,030 $146,340 $134,580
8 $130,290 $162,930 $149,820
*Including yourself, spouse, and dependents

How to Apply for Assistance

  • Download an application or call 1-866-896-5674 to request an application via mail. Your healthcare provider may also request an application on your behalf.
  • Follow the instructions on the application.
  • Send the completed application and required documentation via fax (1-800-910-4610) or mail to:
    Radius Assist Patient Assistance Program
    PO Box 5536
    Louisville, KY 40255

Download Application