Amanda Bezon

Human Resources

Rupert Haynes

Global Strategy

Steve Helwig

Principal Finance and Accounting Officer

Ethan Holdaway

Investor Relations

Danielle Holtschlag

U.S. Sales Channels

Cole Ikkala

Business Operations, Neuroscience Group

Paul Kostenuik, Ph.D.

Discovery Science

Rohan Lathia

Corporate & Business Development

Kelly Martin

President and CEO

Liz Messersmith, Ph.D.

Neuroscience Group

Bruce Mitlak, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Averi Price

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Allison Ross

Information Technology

Peter Schwartzman

Corporate Finance

Chhaya Shah

Abaloparatide & Elacestrant Development and Operations

Adam Tomkin

Business Analytics and Corporate Modeling

Stephanie Torruella

Office of the CEO, Business Operations & Planning

Bob Valentine

Business Intelligence & Digital – U.S. Commercial